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Libros de ajedrez - Colección de 500 libros
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Predeterminado Libros de ajedrez - Colección de 500 libros

Libros de ajedrez - Colección de 500 libros

Libros de ajedrez - Colección de 500 libros

Libros de ajedrez - Colección de 500 libros
Categoría: Libros de Ajedrez | Año: 1852-2006 | Idioma: Inglés | 514 Descripción | 3.44 GB

Una gran colección de libros sobre ajedrez. La adquisición de la colección más completa en Internet. Libro Formato PDF y DjVu incluidos en la lista de distribución de libros. 6,5 libros en la biblioteca en ruso.

List of books
121 Chess Problems - JW Abbott.PDF
40 Instructional Chess Games.pdf
A Guide to Scholastic Chess.pdf
Aagaard - Excelling At Positional Chess.pdf
Aaron & Claire Summerscale - Interview with a Grandmaster (single pages). PDF
Abramov L. Cafferty B. - Chess Move by Move.pdf
Adriaan D. de Groot - Thought and Choice in Chess (2nd ed. 1978). PDF
Al Horowitz - Chess for Beginners - A Picture Guide.pdf
Alburt L. Palatnik S. - Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player.pdf
Alechin, Aleksander - San Remo 1930.pdf
Alexander Baburin - Winning Pawn Structures (edited). PDF
Alexander Kalinin - Strategy 2.0 (Convekta). PDF
Alexander Khalifman - Opening for White according to Anand 1. e4, Vol. 1.pdf
Alexander Kotov - Chess Tactics.djvu
Alexander Kotov - Play Like a Grandmaster.pdf
Alexander Kotov - Think Like a Grandmaster.pdf
Alexander Kotov - Train Like a Grandmaster.PDF
Alexander Kotov & Mikhail Yudovich - The Soviet School of Chess.djvu
Alexei Shirov - Fire on Board, Vol. 1.djvu
Anatoly Bikhovsky The closed-spanish Karpov zaitsev.pdf &
Andrew Martin - The Essential Center Counter-- A Practical Guide for Black.pdf
Angus Dunnington - Can You Be a Positional Chess Genius.pdf
Angus Dunnington - Understanding the Sacrifice - Sacrifice Your Way to Success.djvu
Aron Nimzowitsch - Blockade - New Perspectives.pdf
Attacking with an E4 (emms J.) (Everymann Chess) by polyto.pdf
Bent Larsens - Good Move Guide.pdf
Bernd Rosen - Chess Endgame training.djvu
Bobby Fischer My 60 Memorable Games.PDF
Bogdan Lalic-The Marshall attack.pdf
Book of Chess Strategy.pdf
Brash - Openings for Progressive Players.pdf
Bruce Pandolfini - Pandolfinis Endgame Course.djvu
Graeme Buckley multiple-choice II.pdf Chess
Chess Champion budding. PDF
CJS Purdy - Action Chess - Purdys 24 Hours Opening Repertoire.djvu
California Chess Journal 2004.pdf
California Chess Journal April 2004.pdf
Carl von Bardeleben & Jacques Mieses - Lehrbuch des Schachspiels (1894, German). PDF
Carsten Hansen - Improve Your Positional Chess.djvu
Carsten Hansen - Improve your Chess Positional (Scanned by Dendix). DjVu
CHERNEV - Logical Chess Move by Move.pdf
Chess - Wikipedia General Information.pdf
AZ.pdf Chess
Chess Dictionary.pdf
Chess eBook - Baburin - Winning Pawn Structures. PDF
Chess Ebook emms, John - Play the Open Games as Black.pdf
Chess Fundamentals - Capablanca.pdf
Chess generalship - Franklin Young.pdf
Chess Master Secrets Vol 1.pdf
Chess Openings - Runsuoft.pdf
Chess Openings Ancient and Modern [Ranken, 1905 ]. PDF
Chess Openings for Progressive Players.pdf
Chess Problems - T. Taverner.PDF
Strategy.pdf Chess
Chess Today (magazine Compilation 2000-2004). PDF
Chess-Persson, Tiger Hillarp - Tigers Modern.pdf
CHESSSOLUTIONS.COM - Chess Master Secrets vol.1.pdf
Chris Baker - A Startling Chess Opening Repertoire.djvu
Chris Baker - Learn from Your Chess Mistakes.pdf
Chris Ward, Improve Your Opening Play.pdf
Christian Kongsted - How to Use Computers to Improve Your Chess.djvu
Colin Crouch - Master Class - Delayed castling.PDF
Common Sense In Chess - Lasker.pdf
Dan Heisman - Looking for Trouble - Recognizing and Meeting Threats in Chess.pdf
Dan Heisman - Most Common Opening Tactics - Chess.pdf
Daniel Harrwitz - Lehrbuch des Schachspiels (1862, German). PDF
Daniel King - How to Win at Chess - 10 Golden Rules to Follow.pdf
David Bronshtein Learn Chess.djvu
David H. Li - Chess Detective - Kriegspiel Strategies, Endgames and Problems.pdf
David LeMoir - How to Become a Deadly Chess Tactician.pdf
David NL Levy - Sacrifices in the Sicilian (2nd Edition). PDF
DeGroot, Ariaan - Thought and Choice in Chess (1965 ). PDF
Drazen Marovic - Understanding Pawn Play in Chess.djvu
Drazen Marovic & Bruno Parma - An Opening Repertoire for Black.pdf
EB Cook, WR Henry, CA Gilberg - American Chess-Nuts - A Collection of Problems (1868). PDF
Edmar Mednis - From the Opening INTO the Endgame (single pages). PDF
Edmar Mednis - How to Play Good Opening Moves.pdf
Edmar Mednis - King Power in Chess.djvu
Eduard Gufeld - Exploiting Small Advantages.pdf
Edward Lasker - Chess for Fun & Chess for Blood (1st edition, 1942). PDF
Edward Lasker - Chess Mastership.pdf
Edward Lasker - Chess Strategy.pdf
Edward Winter - A Catastrophic Encyclopedia.pdf
Edward Winter - A Chess Hoax.pdf
Edward Winter - A Chess Idealist.pdf
Edward Winter - A Chess Whodunit.pdf
Edward Winter - A Chessplaying Astronomer.pdf
Edward Winter - A Chessplaying Statesman.pdf
Edward Winter - A Fake Chess Photograph.pdf
Edward Winter - A Forgotten Showman.pdf
Edward Winter - A Lecture by Capablanca (1932). PDF
Edward Winter - A Nimzowitsch Story.pdf
Edward Winter - A Publishing Scandal.pdf
Edward Winter - Adams VS Torre - A Sham.pdf
Edward Winter - Alekhine on Carlsbad, 1929.pdf
Edward Winter - Alekhine on Munich, 1941.pdf
Edward Winter - Alekhine Renaissance.pdf
Edward Winter - Alekhines Death.pdf
Edward Winter - Alexander McDonnell.pdf
Edward Winter - Analytical Disaccord.pdf
Edward Winter - Books about Capablanca and Alekhine.pdf
Edward Winter - Books about Fischer and Kasparov.pdf
Edward Winter - Breyer and the Last Throes.pdf
Edward Winter - Capablanca - How I Learned to Play Chess.pdf
Edward Winter - Capablanca Goes Algebraic.pdf
Edward Winter - Capablanca in the English Review.pdf
Edward Winter - Capablanca Interviewed in 1939.pdf
Edward Winter - Capablanca on HIS Predecessors.pdf
Edward Winter - Capablanca on Mar?czy.pdf
Edward Winter - Capablanca on Moscow, 1925.pdf
Edward Winter - San Sebasti?n on Capablanca, 1912.pdf
Edward Winter - Alekhine Capablanca VS, 1927.pdf
Edward Winter - Capablanca VS Fonaroff . PDF
Edward Winter - Capablancas Reply to Lasker.pdf
Edward Winter - Chaos in a Miniature.pdf
Edward Winter - Chess and Bridge.pdf
Edward Winter - Chess and Jews.pdf
Edward Winter - Chess and Music.pdf
Edward Winter - Chess and Shakespeare . PDF
Edward Winter - Chess and the House of Commons.pdf
Edward Winter - Chess and Women.pdf
Edward Winter - Chess Awards.pdf
Edward Winter - Chess in 1924.pdf
Edward Winter - Chess in the Courts.pdf
Edward Winter - Chess Prodigies . PDF
Edward Winter - Chess Records.pdf
Edward Winter - Chess with Violence.pdf
Edward Winter - Shot Dead in Chessplayer Hastings.pdf
Edward Winter - Chessy Words.pdf
Edward Winter - Copying.pdf
Edward Winter - Copyright on Chess Games.pdf
Edward Winter - Disappeared.pdf
Edward Winter - Earliest Occurrences of Chess Terms.pdf
Edward Winter - Early Uses of World Chess Champion. PDF
Edward Winter - Edge, Morphy and Staunton.pdf
Edward Winter - Eric Schiller.pdf
Edward Winter - FactFinder. PDF
Edward Winter - Fischers Fury.pdf
Edward Winter - Frederick Edge - Background Facts and Quotations.pdf
Edward Winter - Fun. PDF
Edward Winter - Genius. PDF
Edward Winter - Gossip.pdf
Edward Winter - Historical Havoc.pdf
Edward Winter - How Capablanca Became World Champion.pdf
Edward Winter - Immortal BUT Unknown.pdf
Edward Winter - Instant Fischer.pdf
Edward Winter - International Language (Chess and Esperanto). PDF
Edward Winter - Interregnum.pdf
Edward Winter - Jaffe and HIS Primer . PDF
Edward Winter - James A. Leonard.pdf
Edward Winter - Janowsky Jottings.pdf
Edward Winter - Jeremy Gaige.pdf
Edward Winter - Karpovs Chess Is My Life. PDF
Edward Winter - Kasparov and His Predecessors.pdf
Edward Winter - Kasparov, Karpov and the Scotch.pdf
Edward Winter - Kasparovs Child of Change. PDF
Edward Winter - Koltanowski.pdf
Edward Winter - Long Calculation.pdf
Edward Winter - Lord Dunsany and Chess.pdf
Edward Winter - Marshalls Gold Coins Game.pdf
Edward Winter - Morphy VS the Duke Count.pdf and
Edward Winter - Mysteries at Sabadell, 1945.pdf
Edward Winter - Napoleon Bonaparte and Chess.pdf
Edward Winter - Over and Out.pdf
Edward Winter - Petrosians Games.pdf
Edward Winter - Pillsburys Torment.pdf
Edward Winter - Raymond Keene and Eric Schiller.pdf
Edward Winter - Reinfelds Non-Chess Books.pdf
Edward Winter - Reminiscences by Capablanca.pdf
Edward Winter - Royal Walkabouts.pdf
Edward Winter - Searching for Bobby Fischer (Josh Waitzkin). PDF
Edward Winter - Alekhine Seven Articles. PDF
Edward Winter - Stalemate.pdf
Edward Winter - Steinitz Quotes.pdf
Edward Winter - Sultan Khan.pdf
Edward Winter - The Caissa-Morphy Puzzle.pdf
Edward Winter - The Capablanca-Pokorny Fiasco.pdf
Edward Winter - The Chess Seesaw.pdf
Edward Winter - The Game That Never Consultation Was.pdf
Edward Winter - The Facts About Larry Evans.pdf
Edward Winter - The Fox Enigma.pdf
Edward Winter - The Games of Alekhine.pdf
Edward Winter - The Genius and the Princess.pdf
Edward Winter - the Knight Challenge.pdf
Edward Winter - The Mysterious Frederick D. Rosebault.pdf
Edward Winter - The Saburovs.pdf
Edward Winter - The Swiss Gambit. PDF
Edward Winter - The Termination.pdf
Edward Winter - The Very Best Chess Books.pdf
Edward Winter - Two Alekhine Interviews (1941). PDF
Edward Winter - Two Letters to Fiske.pdf Edge
Edward Winter - Unusual Chess Words.pdf
Edward Winter - Wanted.pdf
Edward Winter - War Crimes.pdf
Edward Winter - Was Alekhine a Nazi.pdf
Edward Winter - Where Did They Live.pdf
Edward Winter - WHO Was RJ Buckley.pdf
Edward Winter - World Championship Disorder.pdf
Edward Winter - Worst-Ever Chess Book.pdf
Edward Winter - Zugzwang.pdf
Emanuel Lasker - Common Sense in Chess.pdf
Emanuel Lasker - Laskers Chess Primer (1934). pdf
Encyclopaedia of Chess Combinations.pdf
Eric Prie - Queens Pawn Opening - A White Chameleon.pdf
-Borovsky Eugene Znosko - How Not to Play Chess.pdf
-Borovsky Eugene Znosko - How to Play the Chess Openings (2nd Edition). PDF
Euwe - Judgment and Planning in Chess.djvu
Excerpt from Unorthodox Chess Openings.pdf
Exeter Chess Club (Complete website with hyperlinks). PDF
Federation Francaise des Echecs - Officielles du Jeu Regles dEchecs (French). PDF
Find morphys motives.pdf
Fine, Reuben - Ideas Behind the Chess Openings.djvu
Francois Andre Philidor Danican - Analysis of the Game of Chess (1790). PDF
Francois D. Philidor & George Walker - The Celebrated Analysis of the Game of Chess (1832). PDF
Frank Brady - Chess - How to Improve Your Technique.pdf
Franklin K. Young - Chess Generalship (1910). PDF
Franklin K. Young - The Grand Tactics of Chess (1898). PDF
Franklin K. Young - The Major Tactics of Chess (1919). PDF
GHD Gossip - Theory of the Chess Openings (2nd Edition). PDF
Games Of The Match - New York and Philidelphia.pdf
Garry Kasparov - My Great Predecessors, Vol.1 (Photographs) . DjVu
Garry Kasparov - My Great Predecessors, Vol.2 (Photographs). DjVu
Garry Kasparov - My Great Predecessors, Vol.3 (Photographs). DjVu
Garry Kasparov - My Great Predecessors, Vol.4 (Photographs). DjVu
Garry Kasparov - My Great Predecessors, Vol.5 (Photographs). DjVu
Gary Lane-Winning with the scotch.pdf
Gennady Nesis - Tactical Chess Exchanges (new scan). PDF
Gennady Nesis-Tactics in the Kings indian.pdf
Gennady Nesis -Tactics in the sicilian.pdf
Georges Renaud & Victor Kahn - The Art of the Checkmate.pdf
Georgy Lisitsyn - Strategy and Tactics in Chess, Vol. 1 (1986, Serbo-Croatian). DjVu
Georgy Lisitsyn - Strategy and Tactics in Chess, Vol. 2 (1986, Serbo-Croatian). DjVu
Georgy Lisitsyn - Strategy and Tactics in Chess, Vol. 3 (1986, Serbo-Croatian). DjVu
Golubev-The Sicilian Sozin.pdf
Gordon Smyth - How to Beat the Computer at Chess (1995). PDF
Graham Burgess - 101 Chess Opening Surprises.djvu
Graham Burgess - The quickest Chess Victories of All Time.pdf
Granda Zuniga - Gonzales 2003.pdf
Grivas-Beating the fianchetto defences.pdf
Gufeld & Caro Kann Stetsko-Smyslov System 4 ... Nd7.pdf
-Gurevich E97.pdf
Gutenberg E-Book Of Chess Strategy.pdf
Hajenius & Van Riemsdijk - The Final Countdown.djvu
Hall Chess Training For-budding Chess Champion.pdf
Hanauer Milton - Chess For You and Me.pdf
Hans Berliner - The System - A World Champions Approach to Chess (Dendix). DjVu
Harding, Tim - Better Chess Average for Players.pdf
Hartston - Teach Yourself Better Chess.pdf
How Good Is Your Chess - Daniel King.pdf
How To Study The Chess Opening.pdf
Howard Staunton - Chess Praxis - A Supplement to the Chess Players Handbook (1860). PDF
Howard Staunton - The Chess Players Companion.pdf
Howard Staunton - The Chess Players Handbook.pdf
Howard Staunton - The Chess Players Text-Book.pdf
IA Horowitz - Winning Chess Tactics Illustrated.pdf
IL Slavin - Chess Task-Manual, Vol. 1 (1998, Russian). PDF
IL Slavin - Chess Task-Manual, Vol. 2 (1998, Russian). DjVu
IL Slavin - Chess Task-Manual, Vol. 3 (1998, Russian). DjVu
IL Slavin - Chess Task-Manual, Vol. 4 (1999, Russian). DjVu
IL Slavin - Chess Task-Manual, Vol. 5 (1999, Russian). DjVu
IL Slavin - Chess Task-Manual, Vol. 6 (2000, Russian). DjVu
IL Slavin - Chess Task-Manual, Vol. 7 (2000, Russian). DjVu
IL Slavin - Chess Task-Manual, Vol. 8 (2006, Russian). DjVu
IL Slavin - Chess Task-Manual, Vol. 9 (2005, Russian). DjVu
Ian Snape - Chess Endings made ??simple (Scanned by Dendix). DjVu
Ideas Behind Chess Openings (Scanned by Dendix). DjVu
Irving Chernev et al. - The Ultimate Chess Beginners Manual (Chess Review 1933-1949). PDF
Isidor Gunsberg - The Chess Openings (1901). PDF
Jacob Aagaard - Excelling at Chess.pdf
Jacob Aagaard - Inside the Chess Mind - How Players of All Levels Think About the Game.djvu
Jacob Aagaard - Inside the Chess Mind (pp. 1-41 + cover). PDF
Jacob Aagaard & Esben Lund - Meeting 1.d4.djvu
Jacob Aagaard Inside the Chess Mind.pdf
Jacob Aagard - Exceling_Techinical_Chess_Aagaard.pdf
James Mason - The principles of chess in theory & practice [1894]. PDF
James Mason & WHK Pollock - St. Petersburg Tournament 1895-96.pdf
Jan Timman - Curacao 1962 - The Battle of Minds That Shook the Chess World.djvu
Jan Timman - Curacao 1962 - The Battle of Minds That Shook the Chess World.pdf
Jason Hofferle - The Rules of Chess.pdf
Jeremy Silman - How to Reassess Your Chess.pdf
Jeremy Silman - The Amateurs Mind - Turning Chess Misconceptions Into Chess Mastery.pdf
Jeremy Silman - The Reassess Your Chess Workbook.pdf
Jerry van Rekom - The Lion Variation in the Philidors Defence C41 (2000, Dutch). DjVu
Galagher Joe - Magic of Mikhail Tal (Scanned by Dendix). DjVu
Joe Gallagher - Starting Out ??- The Kings Indian.pdf
Joe Gallagher - Starting Out ??- The Kings Indian (single pages). PDF
John Cochrane - A Treatise on Game of the Chess.pdf
John Cox - Dealing with D4 Deviations.pdf
John Cox - Starting Out ??- 1.d4! - A Reliable Repertoire for the Improving Player.djvu
John emms - Attacking with 1.e4.djvu
John emms - More Simple Chess.pdf
John emms - Play the Open Games as Black (single pages). DjVu
John emms - Simple Chess.pdf
John emms - Starting Out ??- The Scotch Game.pdf
John Nunn - Secrets of Practical Chess.pdf
John Nunn - Understanding Chess Move by Move (Caissa Lovers). DjVu
John Nunn, Graham Burgess, John emms, Joe Gallagher - Nunns Chess Openings. PDF
John W. Collins - maxims of Chess.pdf
John Watson - Chess Strategy in Action.pdf
Jon Edwards - Teach Yourself Visually Chess.pdf
Jon Speelman - Modern Defence.pdf
Jonathan Tisdall - Improve your Chess (Scanned by Dendix). DjVu
Jos? Raul Capablanca - A Primer of Chess (1935). PDF
Raul Capablanca Jose - Chess Fundamentals.pdf
Joseph Kling & Bernard Horwitz - The Chess Player, Vols. 1-2 (1852). PDF
Karsten Mueller - Kramnik VS. Deep Fritz 2002.pdf
Kasparov - Karpov 1990.pdf
Kasparov, Garry - Leonid Shamkovich & Eric Schiller - Kasparovs Opening Repertoire.pdf
R. Keene Levy D. - An Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player.pdf
Ken Smith & John Hall - Winning with the Colle System (2nd Edition). DjVu
Kh. L. Muchnik - Stories about Chess Combinations (1979, Russian). DjVu
King-Pawn Openings.pdf
Korn, Walter - The Chess Briliant in Touch - (1966). DjVu
Kotov - Plan like a Grandmaster (Scanned by Dendix). DjVu
Larry Evans - new Ideas in Chess (single pages). DjVu
Larry Evans - Trophy Chess - Lessing Rosenwald Tournament 1954-1955.djvu
Larry Evans, Svetozar Gligoric et al. - How to Open a Chess Game.djvu
Lasker, Edward - Chess Strategy.pdf
Leonard Barden, William R. Hartston, Raymond Keene - The Kings Indian Defence.djvu
Leonid Kubbel - 150 Endgame Studies (1925, Russian-German). DjVu
Leonid Shamkovich - The Sacrifice in Chess (1971, Russian). DjVu
Leonid Shamkovich & Eric Schiller - Kasparovs Opening Repertoire ( single pages). DjVu
Lev Alburt - Test and Improve Your Chess (missing PP. 103 & 112). PDF
Lev & Sam Palatnik Alburt - Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player.pdf
Lev & Sam Palatnik Alburt - The King in Jeopardy.pdf
Lev Alburt, Roman Dzindzichashvili, Eugene Perelshteyn - Chess Openings for Black, Explained.pdf
Lev Alburt, Roman Dzindzichashvili, Eugene Perelshteyn - Chess Openings for White (Small size). PDF
Lev Alburt, Roman Dzindzichashvili, Eugene Perelshteyn - Chess Openings for White, Explained . PDF
Lev Polugaevsky - Grandmaster Achievement.djvu
Lev Polugaevsky - Grandmaster Achievement.pdf
Lev Polugaevsky & Eduard Gufeld - Damengambit (German). DjVu
Lev Psakhis - French Defence - Steinitz, Classical and Other Systems.djvu
Lev Psakhis-The Complete frence.pdf
Linares 2007 (Russian). PDF
Lou Hays - Winning Chess Tactics for Juniors.pdf
Lou Hays - Winning Chess Tactics for Juniors (single pages). DjVu
Lubomir Kavalek - Washington Post Chess Column 2006.pdf
Ludek Pachman - Chess Endings for the Practical Player (single pages). DjVu
Ludek Pachman - Complete Chess Strategy 1 - First Principles of the Middlegame.pdf
Ludek Pachman - Complete Chess Strategy 1 - First Principles of the Middlegame (single pages). DjVu
Ludek Pachman - Complete Chess Strategy 2 - Principles of pawn Play (single pages). DjVu
Ludek Pachman - Complete Chess Strategy 2 - Principles of Pawn Play and the Center.pdf
Ludek Pachman - Complete Chess Strategy 3 - Play on the Wings.pdf
Ludek Pachman - Complete Chess Strategy 3 - Play on the Wings (single pages). DjVu
Ludek Pachman - Modern Chess Strategy (1963, single pages). PDF
Ludwig Bachmann - Das Schachspiel und Seine Historische Entwicklung (1924, German). DjVu
MM Botvinnik-Computers In Chess Solving Inexact Search Problems.pdf
Mario Valverde Lopez - La Defensa Siciliana - Variante Moscu (Spanish). PDF
Mark Dvoretsky - Opening Developments.pdf
Mark Dvoretsky - School of Excellence 1 - Endgame Analysis (single pages). DjVu
Mark Dvoretsky - School of Excellence 2 - Tactical Play (single pages ). DjVu
Mark Dvoretsky - School of Excellence 3 - Strategic Play (single pages). DjVu
Mark Dvoretsky - School of Excellence 4 - Opening Developments (single pages). DjVu
Mark Dvoretsky - Secretos del Entrenamiento EN Ajedrez (Spanish, new scan, single pages). PDF
Mark Dvoretsky - Secrets of Chess Tactics.djvu
Mark Dvoretsky - Secrets of Chess Training.djvu
Mark Dvoretsky - Secrets of Chess Training (Scanned by Dendix). DjVu
Mark Dvoretsky - Secrets of Chess Training (single pages). DjVu
Mark Dvoretsky - Strategic Play.pdf
Mark Dvoretsky - Tactical Play.pdf
Mark Dvoretsky & Arthur Yusupov - Opening Preparation.pdf
Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov - Attack and Defence (single pages). DjVu
Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov - Positional Play (edited). PDF
Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov - Positional Play (unedited). PDF
Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov - Technique for the Tournament Player (edited). DjVu
Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov - Technique for the Tournament Player (unedited). PDF
Mark Lowery - Sacrificing in Chess.pdf
Mark Lowery - Tactics VS. Positional Play - The Illusionary Battle.pdf
Mark Taimanov & Eduard Gufeld - Damenindisch Katalanisch BIS (German). DjVu
Mark Taimanov & Eduard Gufeld - Koenigsindisch Altindisch BIS (German). DjVu
James Mason - Principles of Chess in Theory and Practice (1). PDF
Master Class - Typical Mistakes - Neil McDonald.pdf
Matthew Sadler-Tips for Young players.pdf
Max Euwe - Chess Master VS. Chess Amateur.pdf
Max Euwe - Trattato di Scacchi - gioco di gioco di Posizione E Combinazione (Italian). PDF
Max Euwe & Kramer Haije - The Middlegame, Vol. 2 (1994). DjVu
Max Euwe & John Nunn - The Development of Chess Style.pdf
Max Euwe & Walter Meiden - Chess Master VS. Chess Amateur (single pages). PDF
Max Euwe & Walter Meiden - Maestro Contra Amateur (Spanish). PDF
Maxim Blokh - Chess Manual (1997, Russian - with more than 800 Training tasks). DjVu
Modern Chess Openings MCO14 - Nick De Firmian. PDF
Memorable Chess Games - Moffatt 1913.pdf
Mental Domination.pdf
Michael Basman - Chess - Openings - The St George.pdf
EHN Michael (ed.) - Rudolf Spielmann - Portrait eines Schachmeisters (German). DjVu
Michael Goeller - The Bishops Opening. PDF
Michal Krasenkow - The Open Spanish.djvu
Middle Game In Chess.pdf
Mieses J - Instructive Positions From Master Chess.pdf
Mihai Suba - Dynamic Chess Strategy (single pages). DjVu
Mihai Suba - The Hedgehog.djvu
Mikhail Arkhangelsky - Play Correspondence Chess (1985, Russian). DjVu
Mikhail Botvinnik - Achieving the Aim.pdf
Mikhail Botvinnik - Anatoly Karpov - His Road to the World Championship.djvu
Mikhail Botvinnik - Seleccion de Partidas de Ragozin (Spanish). DjVu
Mikhail Shereshevsky - The Soviet Chess Conveyor ( Small size). DjVu
Mikhail Tal - The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal.djvu
Mikhail Tal & Victor Khenkin - Tals Winning Chess Combinations (edited, with cover). PDF
Mikhail Yudovich - Garry Kasparov - His Career in Chess (1988). djvu
Mikhail Yudovich - Planning in Chess (1982, Russian). DjVu
Mikhail Yudovich - The Gambit.djvu
Modern Chess Openings MOC 1939.pdf
Morphys Games Of Chess - Lowenthal.pdf
Most instructive Games of Chess Ever Played by Dendix.djvu
NG Yakovlev - Storming the Kings Bastions (1997, Russian). DjVu
Neil McDonald - Master Class - Typical Mistakes.pdf
Neil McDonald - Master Class - Typical Mistakes (single pages). PDF
Neil McDonald - Mastering Chess Tactics (single pages). PDF
Neil McDonald - Mastering Chess Tacticts.pdf
Neil McDonald - Starting Out ??- 1.e4! - A Reliable Repertoire for the Improving Player.djvu
Neil McDonald - The Art of Planning in Chess Move by Move.djvu
Neil McDonald & Andrew Harley - Mastering the French.pdf
Neil McDonald & Andrew Harley - Mastering the French (single pages). PDF
Neil Mcdonald-Concise Chess middlegame.pdf
Nenad Petrovic & Josip Prokop - FIDE Album 1974-1976 (Chess Problems & Studies). DjVu
Nigel Davies - Play 1.e4 E5! - A Complete Repertoire for Black in the Open Games.pdf
Nigel Davies - The Chess Players Battle Manual (Dendix). DjVu
Nigel Davies - The Chess Players Battle manual (Scanned by Dendix). DjVu
Nigel Davies - The Power Chess Program, Book 1 . PDF
Nigel Davies - The Trompowsky.djvu
Nigel Povah - How to Play the English Opening (2nd Edition). DjVu
Krylenko Nikolai (ed.) - 2nd International Chess Tournament Moscow 1935.djvu
NIMZOWITSCH - My System.pdf
O Xadrez Chess Magazine No . 02, 2007-04 (Portuguese). PDF
O Xadrez Chess Magazine No. 03, 2007-05 (Portuguese). PDF
Otto Borik - Kasparovs Chess Openings - A World Champions Repertoire.pdf
P. H Clarke - Tigran Petrosian - Master of Defence - Petrosians Best Games 1946-63.djvu
PN Humble - Marcel Duchamp - Chess Aesthete and Anartist Unreconciled.pdf
Pachman, Ludek - Modern Chess Stategy.pdf
Pafu - The Center Game.pdf
Pandolfinis Endgame course (Scanned by Dendix). DjVu
Patrick Wolff - The Complete Idiots Guide to Chess (2nd Edition). PDF
Paul Keres - El Arte del Analisis - Como Analizar Las Partidas Aplazadas (Spanish). DjVu
Paul Keres, Alexander Kotov - The Art of the Middle Game.pdf
Peter W. Frey (ed.) - Chess Skill in Man and Machine.djvu
Philip W. Sergeant - Morphys Games of Chess.djvu
Philip W. Sergeant - Morphys Games of Chess (single pages). DjVu
Przewoznik Soszynski-How to Think in chess.pdf
Queens Indian Defense, Understanding the Chess Opening (Soltis et al). PDF
Raymond Edwards & Raymond Keene - The Chess Players Bedside Book.pdf
Reinfeld - Chess by yourself.pdf
F Reinfeld I Chernev - Chess Strategies and Tactics.pdf
Fred Reinfeld - Chess for Amateurs.pdf
Fred Reinfeld - Chess Mastery.pdf
Fred Reinfeld - Hypermodern Chess.pdf
Reinfeld, Fred & Chernev , Irving - Chess Strategy And Tactics Fifty Master Games Selected - 1946.pdf
Reuben Fine - Modern Chess Openings.pdf
Reuben Fine - Practical Chess Openings.pdf
Reuben Fine - The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings.pdf
Richard Palliser - Play 1.d4! . DjVu
Richard Palliser - Starting Out ??- Closed Sicilian.pdf
Richard Palliser - The Bb5 Sicilian.pdf
Richard Reti - Modern Ideas In Chess (English Language, English Notation) by Atomic_Punk.pdf
Roman Pelts & Lev Alburt - Comprehensive Chess Course, Vol. 1.pdf
Roman Pelts & Lev Alburt - Comprehensive Chess Course, Vol. 2.pdf
Russian 1.

Russian 4.pdf
S. Gligoric - Fischer VS Spassky 1972 (Scanned by Dendix). DjVu
Sam Collins - An Attacking Repertoire for White.pdf
Sam Palatnik & Lev Alburt - Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player.pdf
Samuel Reshevsky - Great Chess Upsets. PDF
Samuel Reshevsky - The Art of Positional Play.pdf
Scacchi - [Chess] Unorthodox_Openings_Newsletter_11.pdf
Secrets Of Practical Chess Ebook.djvu
Sergey Ionov - Portrait of a Chess Player - Alexander Khalifman.pdf
Siegbert Tarrasch - The Game of Chess.pdf
Steve Mayer - Bishop Versus Knight - The Verdict.djvu
Strategy And Tactics For Novice Players.pdf
Sunil Weeramantry & Ed Eusebi - Best Lessons of a Chess Coach.pdf
Survival guide to Rook Endings (Scanned by Dendix). DjVu
Tal Botvinnik 1960.pdf
The Art Chess.PDF of
Chess Openings The [Isidor Gunsberg, 1901]. PDF
The game of Chess [Goodman, 1914]. PDF
The Magic of Chess Tactics by Claus Dieter Meyer and Karsten Mueller.pdf
The major Tactics of Chess [Franklin Young, 1898 ]. PDF
The Penguin Book Of Chess Positions - CH Od Alexander.pdf
The World Chess Crown Challenge Kasparov VS Karpov Seville 87.1988 _600dpi.djvu
Tiger Hillarp Persson - Tigers Modern.pdf
Tim Harding et al. - Why You Lose at Chess.djvu
Timothy Taylor - How to Defeat the Smith-Morra Gambit - 6 ... a6! (Single pages). DjVu
Troitzky - 360 Brilliant and Instructive Endgames.djvu
Typical Mistakes - Neil McDonald.pdf
Unknown - The Creepy Crawly Opening.pdf
Valeri Beim - How to Calculate Chess Tactics.djvu
Valeri Beim - How to Play Dynamic Chess.pdf
Wilhelm Steinitz - Chess Match between Steinitz & Blackburne (1876). PDF
Wilhelm Steinitz - The Modern Chess instructor [1889]. PDF
William Lewis - Chess for Beginners (1835). PDF
Winning Chess Strategies - Seirawan & Silman.pdf
WINTER - Chess Notes . PDF
Winter, William - Kings of Chess - (1954). DjVu
Works Of Ruy Lopez Damiano Salbio.pdf
Yakov Estrin - Gambits.pdf
Yakov Neishtadt - Catastrophe in the Opening.pdf
Yakov Neishtadt - Test Your Tactical Ability.pdf
Yasser Seirawan - Inside Chess 01-20.pdf
Yasser Seirawan - Winning Chess Brilliancies (Cleaned-up). PDF
Yasser Seirawan - Winning Chess Openings.pdf
Yasser Seirawan & Jeremy Silman - Winning Chess Tactics.djvu
Young & Howell - The Minor Tactics of Chess.pdf
Yudovich - Garri Kasparov, 1988.600 dpi.djvu
Znosko Borovsky, Eugene A. - How to Play Chess openings.pdf
Znosko-Borovsky Eugene - How to Play the Chess Openings 2nd Ed (1). pdf

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